The ADHD Garage Sale ? Disorganized Organization

The ADHD Garage Sale ? Disorganized Organization

Over the weekend my subdivision conducted its annual garage sale. The event is always a big hit both with homeowners and those looking to find that hidden treasure buried amongst the rubble of garage sale quality possessions. While I can’t speak for my neighbors what I can tell you my family’s garage sale was influenced greatly by my very smart ADHD wife whose primary symptoms include inattention, impulsivity, disorganization, with a touch of hyperactivity thrown in for good measure.

As you can guess setting up was a bit stressful due to the fact that the person in charge of organization has, and always has had, a full blown case of ADHD disorganization.

Adults who struggle with organization often believe their unconventional methods are perfectly fine and can’t understand why others think that placing the old pots and pans on the same table as the outdated computer equipment  or placing the old belts, yard shoes, and dinner ware in a box together is bad idea. After all they know exactly where everything is located and all those inquisitive souls lost in jumble while searching for treasure need to do is ask.


Furthermore who knows the frustrated shopper may need a few old pots and pans to cook their grandmothers recipe while wearing that great belt which was in style somewhere around 1985. Let’s call it nostalgia night at the Smiths.

For those without attention deficit disorder this all may seem a little strange and greatly reduce ones chances of unloading their unwanted or unneeded wares.

Another challenge that adults with ADHD have is being on time. And yes, as the cars pulled up at our next door neighbors one by one filled with garage sale enthusiasts  we were still in the organizational disorganized mode of setting up. After all everything had to be disorganized perfectly so that no one in their right mind could find anything.

So about an hour late our doors opened and the fun began. But in a world where at least one out of every ten adults has the condition perhaps setting up this way was the right thing to do. You see to the ADHD person disorganization seems like organization and they have a tendency to not focus in one area too long due to the primary ADHD symptom of inattention.

In fact, it seemed as if many treasure seekers attending our garage sale may have had the condition themselves and seemed to be fascinated by the boxes of mixed up stuff that could only be navigated by a private investigator assisted by his own personal physic.

In the end the garage sale was a success and attracted enough ADHD adults and children to be a big success. Perhaps next year our household will make, and strategically place, a few signs encouraging all those who believe they have ADHD, or have been diagnosed with ADHD, to shop here.

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