Nov 6-11 Yard Sale, Garage Sale, Thrift Store Haul

Nov 6-11 Yard Sale, Garage Sale, Thrift Store Haul.


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  1. Thrift Quests says:

    Yea the stores here taped up stuff too. I hate it. I think most of the sealed items are donated by the stores for old stock inventory they just want to get rid of. We get that once awhile. Thanks!

  2. Roxy Curone says:

    Lucky you! My local thrift stores only sell items that are used junk, opened, scratched, and dirty! I could never find a sealed anything, unless you count the stuff they taped up recklessly. It’s a shame! Love your videos!

  3. Thrift Quests says:

    Thank you!

  4. Thrift Quests says:

    Thank you. We shall see what this week brings.

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