Hot Wheels Track ! Hot Wheels Cars. One Owner Used Cars for Sale

Record breaking length? Over 175 feet of Hot Wheels track. Hot Wheels cars racing side by side 2 and 3 wide. Does anyone know of a longer track? We built it to race on it and it was so much fun. Father and son fun. The amount of paint from the cars on the sign after only 3 daysof racing is amazing!(see at end of video) — The signs were first put up to keep the cars on the track. Then sponsorship! Ha! Ha! OriginalOwnerCars.com A BRAND NEW and FREE auto classifieds website. If you are buying a used car from a private person and you are not an auto expert you should ONLY be looking at cars for sale by the original owner. Any other car purchase can be risky in many ways. There was a lot of fun racing. The video does not show all the fun. Far from it. Sorry about the annoying “here they come” this is my first video. Thanks for the comments. I just checked Guiness records. The record “Hot Wheels Track” (plastic one lane track) is 1650 ft set by Mattel Inc on July 7 2002 in Canada. But that is “Hot Wheels Track”. Here we have a “toy car racing track”. Cars can actually race and pass and crash. We also used Matchbox cars and could call this a Matchbox track or toy cars and toy car track or fast track. Toy car racing. Fast Cars. Fast Wheels. Toy car race. Toy car crash. cardboard track cardboard race track cardboard racetrack one owner used cars auto dealers
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  1. princessgray22006 says:


  2. countrymouse3 says:


  3. mrcoolsites says:

    mom: Honey your baseball party is tonight! You need to take that down
    Kid: 0_O

  4. CollieTVShow says:

    4:47 jimmie johnson backwards 😀 cool man 5/5

  5. jefbnd says:

    remote control car? cuz they bounce the walls alot…

  6. jefbnd says:

    homemade hot weheels track?

  7. trainfilms123 says:

    I’ve been thinking of ideas to build one of those and never thought of using cardboard as the track. That’s BA man!!

  8. NJWorsley63 says:

    i tried to build pne of these and failed miserable this is the reason why i gave up on hot wheels…

  9. MsPeyton1111 says:

    best ever

  10. asma rani says:

    3:48 his car are flip

  11. asma rani says:

    there are much hot wheels you buy.

  12. huskyheart101 says:

    love this damn video, esspaceal the one at 6:05, OUT OF CONTROL racetack

  13. abidathotmailandgmai says:

    I did

  14. ahmadaimansic10 says:

    218 dislike  NOOOB!!!

  15. jha0318 says:

    2 fliped

  16. NJWorsley63 says:

    did ANYONE SEE THAT SICK DRIFT @ 6:11!!!!!!!!!

  17. shaneb0318 says:

    Look at 3:37

  18. poutboushow says:

    cool look my

  19. changfeng138168 says:

    it is ok if your son said that ”here they come”

  20. PizzaAssassin26 says:

    damn its like hot wheels nascar so loud XD

  21. Armagedddon1956 says:

    The Nurburgring in miniature.

  22. Klbm71 says:

    how did u race all of the rc cars at once it looked like it was just u two ? that was asome

  23. ShadowDemon2228 says:

    lol it must of been hard for u guys to walk through the house that day nice job by the way it looks awesome

  24. asat818 says:


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