Garage Sale/Goodwill Finds for Resale on Ebay

My pickups for the past week of items I am going to be putting up for sale on Ebay. Ebay Store: stores.ebay.com Amazon Store: annabellas-gift-shop.com Blog: annabellasgiftshop.blogspot.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/annabellas Facebook: Annabella’s Gift Shop (I have both a page to “LIKE” and a page to “FRIEND”)


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  1. bohlken999 says:


    Please stop wasting your´╗┐ time…..even if you get really good….if you sell over 200 items on ebay for any year you will get a 1099K forum from the IRS. How will you prove what you bought it for when you do your taxes?

  2. pochakila says:

    When I go on vacation to Orlando I always hit the outlets for the character wharehouse stores. I remember one weekend they had Disney theme park trading pins for .49 and .99. I cleaned up on those. lol I love buying Disney theme park stuff at a discount.

  3. turboman8082 says:

    @annabellasgiftshop My wife left her job to run it. It truly is and amazing time for us but yes very overwhelming.

  4. annabellasgiftshop says:

    @survivingboys I had quite a stash, but was down to one until Saturday when I got these three. They are consistent sellers, which is always nice! :-)

  5. annabellasgiftshop says:

    @turboman8082 Well, too many orders is a good problem to have! Is this volume store on Ebay or another site? Sounds like you may need to hire some help….or else find a friend or family member to volunteer to help, lol!

  6. survivingboys says:

    Love the wilton cake pans, those things sell like crazy! Haven’t been able to find any for weeks though!

  7. turboman8082 says:

    @annabellasgiftshop I made so much about a week and a half ago it’s obscene. Then is just stopped. Our volume store is set to really take off this week. I learned alot of tricks and it turns out those tricks just made us 2k in sales last night and we are having a hell of a time getting it all packaged. I’m actually scared to see how many orders we have tonight. We are not ready for it and learning as we go.

  8. annabellasgiftshop says:

    @Bcook0904 Thank you! Can’t beat vintage E.T. for a quarter! :-) ~ Ann

  9. annabellasgiftshop says:

    @turboman8082 I only had 2 Ebay sales all weekend, and only 2 from Amazon. Just absolutely dead right now. There is no rhymn or reason to it. Can’t believe how much those Longaberger baskets sell for. I see a lot at sales, but of course they want full price.

  10. annabellasgiftshop says:

    @ThePaperCastle Thanks Heather! Love when I find anything Disney that is a secondary character. Wish I lived close to a Disney outlet – I’d go buy it all up to resell, lol! :-) ~ Ann

  11. ThePaperCastle says:

    Nice finds! Love the Disney mugs! I’m a little behind on everyone’s videos….busy week last week w/ the kids starting school, but it’s quiet now!! Good luck!! Heather

  12. turboman8082 says:

    This weekend was the worst weekend all summer. I can’t imagine it getting worse then that. Also sales were off the charts for 2 weeks then dropped this week. What happend? LOL BTW I bought around 20 Longaberger basket in February. Some really high end ones. Been selling like one a month for $100-200. Really amazing baskets. I just sold a longaberger lamp shade tonight and shipping in the morning.

  13. Bcook0904 says:

    I remember begging for ET stuff one Christmas…nice finds

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